In addition to numerous service partnership projects, D & S Cabling has recently completed the following projects.

Indiana National Guard
Installed a PDS (Protective Distribution System) conduit system containing the required category 6 cabling that was also installed and terminated as part of this project for their sensitive level data distribution network. This system is designed to prevent hacking so the sensitive information flowing through the cabling is not compromised.
Roudebush VA Medical Clinic
D & S Cabling in partnership with several companies completed numerous projects at this facility. The projects included moves, add on’s and changes to existing data and phone outlets. Also completed wreck out and installation of new data and phone network infrastructure, servicing complete wings of this hospital.  

Recent 2TRG projects
Kindred Hospital Corporation
Assisted network managers in the roll out of new routers and switches in several of the facilities.
Resolved malfunctioning network outlets and moves / adds / changes at facilities
D & S Cabling also has been aggressively installing WIFI hot spots in Kindred facilities across Indiana. These installs include extending the DSL cable from demarcation to MDF closets, installing new routers to control the hot spots, cabling to the devices and running all required speed test to insure the WIFI device is functioning properly. 

Other clients
FedEx Kinkos, National Starch, Gabriel Metals, Brown Concrete, Myers Mortuary, Motherhood Maternity, Cash America and Vonage.


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